Terms and Conditions

Please take note of the following Terms & Conditions:

Quotations are valid for 14 days.
All quotes are subject to re-measure & site inspection.
All glass products charged to the "nearest 25mm".

  1. All orders with a value of R2000 or less, must be settled upfront before work will commence. Please always use your INVOICE or QUOTE number as the REF on your EFT payment.
  2. A deposit of 80% is required before any work with a higher value will commence. Balance is strictly on completion. A Credit application form may need to be completed should Fast Glass deem it necessary. Once this is completed and verified, work will commence.
  3. All NON advance paying clients are to supply their ID numbers before any work will be actioned.
  4. Fast Glass has been operational since 1980 and strive to offer competitive prices and great service! We will attempt to beat any written quote; once it has been established that competitors are quoting on the same quality materials used by Fast Glass.
  5. Please always make sure you use a reputable glazier who can provide a legitimate glazing certificate and has the equipment to mark the glass as per SABS regulations on instruction of the building inspector.
  6. Square meter rates for the supply of glass, services of new glazing or repairs are governed by market factors and will either rise or decrease accordingly.
  7. All goods remain the property of Fast Glass until fully paid for. Fast Glass reserves the right to remove any and all property owned by Fast Glass if full payment is not received.
  8. When removing cracked or broken glass from frames, although all care is taken, Fast Glass will not be responsible for any damage to frames and/or adjacent glass when "chopping out" old glass or putty. Nor any damage to wooden glazing beads when removing or refitting, especially when they are painted in position.
  9. Fast Glass commits to removing all broken glass from frames when replacing cracked or broken windows. All frames, i.e. steel or wood or aluminium, must be in good condition. We cannot install glass or replace existing glass in frames that have been damaged.
  10. Fast Glass is not responsible for damage to flower beds or plants etc. As most work must be done from the outside, it may become necessary to stand in beds to perform the work expected. Clients are to move away all window coverings and ornaments in the vicinity of their frames.
  11. We do not clean glass that has been glazed even though there are finger marks etc. This cannot be done when glass is held in position with fresh putty as it is subject to movement etc. This must be done by the client no sooner than one week from installation. Painting of frames to be done by the client only when putty feels dry to the touch (+/- 2-3 months time).
  12. All burglar proofing obstructing access to patio doors or windows, etc. needs to be removed by the client. Fast Glass can facilitate the removal and refit at an extra charge. In the event that we can work around the bars, an extra charge is levied due to time factors.
  13. Re-Puttying is only patch filled where there are loose or flaking sections. Chopping of existing putty may result in existing windows being broken/cracked. This would be as per clause 1 of same document.
  14. Aluminium beading that has been siliconed into position is removed at clients own risk. Silicone acts as an adhesive and beading may bow on removal.
  15. In the case of aluminium frames, where the existing gaskets have perished, we will charge to replace with new gasket, alternatively try to make good on existing by means of silicone fill. Where the replacement shatterprufe cannot fit into existing gaskets/beadings, silicone is used as a substitute.
  16. Fast Glass only uses quality safety glass i.e. PVB interlayered safety glass and not inferior liquid laminate.
  17. As per building regulations SABS 0137-2000 code of practice, all doors irrespective of pane size and any frames attached to doors as well as window frames below 500mm from finished floors, must be glazed in safety glass. Only once the property has been glazed in accordance, can the necessary glazing certificate be issued. Said certificate is now a council requirement to have alterations/building work approved.
  18. All toughened safety glass will bear a visible permanent stamp in a corner. Once toughened, no further processing can take place on the glass.
  19. Please note that specific sound reducing glass when installed into pre-existing frames may not produce the desired results. All these installations are done as per clients request and Fast Glass cannot be held responsible should the amount of sound filtered out using laminated products not be what was anticipated. Although using laminated safety glass will reduce sound (by approx. 40%) NO guarantee can be officially given.
  20. All work where extension ladder or scaffolding is required will be at an extra charge.
  21. All table tops or mirrors with the exception of bevelled mirrors and 10mm table tops, will come with an "arissed" polished edge with straight corners. Tips off corners or radius corners are to be specified by client at the time of confirming order.
  22. Bright polish will only be done on request and at an extra charge. Please allow approx. 10 working days for this process.
  23. There is a tolerance of approximately 2mm on all cut glass and table tops. All processed orders are cut as accurately as possible and NO orders can be cut to the exact millimetre. All table tops that are deemed to be "out of square" cannot be cut to the exact mm.
  24. All mirrors where applicable are cut and fitted "tight size less 5mm". Mirrors are cut or fitted as accurately as possible, which is entirely reliant on the condition of the wall on site. Fast Glass reserves the right to install mirrors by means of screw fixing them, where we deem it necessary for safety reasons.
  25. All mirrors "butted" up against each other are removed or replaced at clients own risk, especially when tape and or silicone has been used to fix to the surface. Fast Glass takes no responsibility for damage to concealed water pipes or for damage to tiles when drilling.
  26. Applications of mirrors to wooden doors: any door longer than 1830mm must have sufficient hinges to withstand the weight of 5mm thick mirror being 12.7KG per SQM. A regular hand polish process is standard unless factory machine polish is requested.
  27. All Sandblasted patterns and design work must be emailed in PDF or Coral Draw and will only be commenced once the art work proof has been approved by client.
  28. Sandblast to be cleaned with warm soapy water. After drying, if dirty marks persist, try wiping with thinners.
  29. Vinyl film replacement is colour matched as closely as possible at all times. Air bubbles will appear naturally but should disappear within 3 weeks. Cleaning thereafter should be with soft cloth in warm soapy water. NO scourer or ammonia products to be used. The film carries a 5 year comprehensive guarantee only if the proper care of product is taken.
  30. Please note that Fast Glass provides a warranty of six months on the application and installation of all glass and mirror products. Fast Glass will not be liable for any claims which may arise due to any defects to glass or mirror products in the event where Fast Glass was not aware or could reasonably have been expected to be aware of such defect. In the event of such defect the manufacturer will be held liable for any damages which might have arisen as a result of the defect.
  31. All commitments to complete work timeously are subject to:
    1. Weather conditions
    2. Fast Glass’ discretion to facilitate other emergency or urgent jobs ahead of previously scheduled bookings.
  32. Customers “own glass” is handled, cut & processed at their own risk at all times. Fast Glass is not responsible for damage by any means to customers own goods whilst stored on our property, or in transit on, or in our vehicles. All goods not collected within 1 month will be sold to defray expenses.
  33. All shower doors are fitted at clients own risk. Fast Glass takes no responsibility for damage to concealed water pipes or for damage to tiles when drilling.
  34. All quotes accepted and work commissioned by clients for purpose made, custom or oversized products will be considered binding. No cancellations will be considered by Fast Glass.
  35. Acceptance of quote will be seen as acceptance and acknowledgement of all these terms and conditions.
  36. Should you have any queries regarding our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to enquire.

Yours in service: Lesley, Declan, Mark.

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